Japan Import: A new Idolm@ster anime has been announced

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Japan Import: A new Idolm@ster anime has been announced

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Idolmaster 2 Idolm@ster 2

A new Idolm@ster anime is in the works! And, unlike Idolm@ster: Xenoglossia, this one may just follow the storyline of the original games. I say may, because the new Idolm@ster anime series is still a bit of a mystery. Namco Bandai just announced it. More official information won’t be released until January 29, 2011, when the official anime website opens.

Well, technically the Idolm@ster anime website is open, as it’s already online. It just won’t have more revealing content until the end of the month. Until then, you can stop by there to look at some signatures from the voice actresses. Eriko Nakamura (Haruka Amami) and Akiko Hasegawa’s (Miki Hoshii) autographs are up right now. Expect to see notes from all of the Idolm@ster video game voice actresses, since they’ll all be reprising their roles.

The Idolm@ster anime website also has a preview video, to get visitors hyped up about the new series. You can see it below. It’s almost five minutes long, so it may take a minute to load. Skip ahead to the 2 minute point if you don’t want to listen to Haruka and the producer talk and you just want to see new character art with the idols singing in the background.

It’s a shame that there wasn’t any actual Idolm@ster anime footage, but it was nice to see some character art! It looks like the anime will be set at the same time as Idolm@ster 2 (Xbox 360) and include Hibiki and Takane as members of 765 Productions. If it is inspired by Idolm@ster 2, then I wonder if the boy band will be showing up in the series too.

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