Japan Import: Atlus preparing Catherine for the PS3 and Xbox 360

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Japan Import: Atlus preparing Catherine for the PS3 and Xbox 360

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Catherine PS3 Xbox 360 640 screenshot

Atlus’ first HD game is weird. Very weird. It’s going to be called Catherine and follows a man named Vincent’s disturbing dreams, involving massive staircases, bloody lambs and the notion that falling in your dreams equals death in the real world.

Let’s start from the beginning. Vincent is a fairly normal, 30-something single man. He worries he won’t find the right woman for him. Then he meets the buxom Catherine. That’s them up there, in the screenshot together. After that meeting, Vincent starts having nightmares. Of course, if you’ve played the female storyline of Persona 3 Portable and ventured into the club in the bar, you’ve probably already met Vincent and heard all about his problem from him.

Vincent’s daily life then goes on as normal. But his nightlife changes forever. He keeps having horrible nightmares. That’s where the player steps in. It looks like players will be helping Vincent survive these terrors, where he avoids huge hands, scary situations and a surprising number of anthropomorphic, seriously depressed lambs. The only gameplay clues given so far is that Vincent is going to have to keep climbing a neverending staircase. There’ve also been ominous references to falling, both in the Persona 3 Portable cameo and all the recent screenshots and Catherine propaganda released in Japan.

There’s no definite release date or price set yet, but Famitsu’s reporting a Winter 2010 Japanese release window. I’m sure after the Catherine website opens August 23, 2010, we’ll know more. There also hasn’t been any formal North American localization announcement, but I think that Persona 3 Portable cameo says a lot.

Read [Famitsu (Japanese)] Via [Andriasang] Also Read [Siliconera] Site [Catherine (Japanese)]

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