Japan Import: Chaos & Cosmos Limited Dissidia 012 PSP is detailed

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Japan Import: Chaos & Cosmos Limited Dissidia 012 PSP is detailed

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Chaos and Cosmos Limited Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy PSP

If you collect limited edition PSPs, which would probably be an incredibly expensive hobby, then you’ll need to save up some money before March. When Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy comes out on March 3, 2011, there’ll be a limited edition bundle to go with it. It comes with the Chaos & Cosmos Limited PSP and will cost ¥22,890 (~$275). Hey, fashion doesn’t come cheap!

As you can see from the picture above, the Chaos & Cosmos Limited PSP is a standard, silver PSP-3000 with some special accents. Chaos art appears on the left side of the system, while Cosmos art appears on the right. There’s also black trim along the edges. The back is silver, with a black ring around the PSP logo and the Dissida 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy logo in black on the left. It will also come with a copy of Dissidia 012, naturally and when you start the system up, you’ll have a Dissidia 012 immediately applied.

Since North America rarely gets the elaborate Square Enix PSPs, you’ll have to import the Chaos & Cosmos Limited PSP if you want one. The system is region-free and you get to set the language the first time you turn the system on, so you can import one without fear and play whatever you want on it. The copy of Dissidia 012 that comes with it will only be in Japanese though.

Personally, I’d recommend importing one of those Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSPs if you want a unique system from Japan. That Chaos and Cosmos character art on the face of the system is really distracting. It’d have looked much better if it’d been on the back of the system instead.

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