Japan Import: Crystal White Vita coming in June

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Japan Import: Crystal White Vita coming in June

Time for the least exciting news ever. A new Vita color is coming to Japan! It isn’t a flashy or pretty though. There aren’t even any special designs on it. No, the next Vita is just a plain, old, Crystal White variation. I guess you can consider it special because it has been dubbed Crystal White, whereas the current Vita color is only referred to as Black.

This new Vita isn’t available just yet. It hits Japanese stores on June 28, 2012. People who waited will be able to grab the standard Wi-Fi version for ¥24,980 (~$313), while the Wi-Fi/3G version will cost ¥29,980 (~$375). In each case, that purchase just gets you the system and any necessary cords. You still have to buy a memory card and games.

If you do want a Crystal White bundle, you’ll have to wait a few weeks until August 30, 2012. That’s when the Next Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Vita bundle will be released. That gets you the game, a Hatsune Miku AR card to use with it, a 4gb memory card, a decorative sheet with Miku that can go over the Vita’s rear touch pad and, of course, the Crystal White system. You’re really going to have to pay for that kind of luxury though, as this bundle will cost either ¥34,980 (~$438) or ¥39,800 (~$498), depending on the kind of Vita you want.

The Vita is a region-free system so you could import this new color of the handheld, but I strongly recommend waiting. While North America often doesn’t get the fancy color DS, 3DS or PSP units, I think we will eventually see the Crystal White Vita here. After all, Sony released the white PSP in North America as part of a bundle. Be patient and maybe you can save yourself some money.

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