Japan Import: Daisuke Zombie looks adorable

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Japan Import: Daisuke Zombie looks adorable

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Daisuke Love Zombie ぞんびだいすきDo you love zombies? Do you love them so much that you’d be willing to help raise and bolster a legion of them so they can seek revenge on the people who turned them into zombies? Chunsoft is hoping the answer to both questions is yes, since it’s working on a DS game called Daisuke Zombie. Or, in English, Love Zombie.

Daisuke Zombie is part real time strategy game, part raising simulation. An unfortunate farm filled with ordinary people were turned into unholy legions of the undead by some bad people. The result is a whole lot of periwinkle blue zombies!

As a zombie-sympathizer, it’s your job to help them out. Build their forces, strength and train them. When you think they’re ready, send them down to the town to get revenge on the people who made them what they are.

If you’re successful, maybe the zombies will get to live happily ever after, on the farm with the cute animals they love so much. Yup, the zombies in Daisuke Zombie don’t just love revenge and brains, they adore cute animals. So much so that if they see one, they’ll be paralyzed by the cuteness. Check Famitsu‘s exclusive screenshots to see for yourself. The flock of fluffy sheep makes all the zombies go “Aww” and see hearts.

It looks like Daisuke Zombie will be a Japan exclusive when it’s released in January 2011 for ¥5,040 (~$62). It doesn’t seem like there’ll be a lot of text involved though, so perhaps it’ll be import friendly. Or, you could always wait. Something this quirky and cute might just get picked up by Atlus, Aksys or XSEED.

Image Source: Famitsu

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