Japan Import: Denpa Ningen RPG needs a worldwide release

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Japan Import: Denpa Ningen RPG needs a worldwide release

Japan is getting a really awesome 3DS eShop game on February 8, 2012 and I think it’s exactly what the North American and European eShops need. It’s Denpa Ningen RPG (Radio Wave People RPG), an AR game that makes good use of the 3DS cameras and is also an RPG. Intrigued? It gets better. It’s being made by Genius Sonority, a company that developed Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Dragon Quest Swords.

In Denpa Ningen RPG, players control a special camera (the 3DS) that allows people to see the Denpa Ningen inhabiting their world. If you see one you need, you can zoom in and recruit it. That character then becomes a member of your party in a quest to fight against a demon king and his monster minions. The demon king and his monsters have kidnapped innocent people and are engaging in the usual villainous deeds. Only the party you form can stop him.

Here’s a general trailer showing Denpa Ningen catching and dungeon crawling.

As you can see, the RPG part has a standard turn-based RPG vibe. Your party explores dungeons, finds treasures and rescues people. You can even find different buildings to unlock areas of the island that’s fallen under the demon king’s rule. Do well, and you’ll restore it to its former glory.

It’ll probably be another year or so before a 3DS Pokemon game is released and a game like Denpa Ningen RPG would do a great job of filling the void. I mean, it uses the 3DS’ unique abilities and offers a full RPG experience. The only thing better would be if there were StreetPass capabilities for swapping Denpa Ningen or SpotPass to allow for coop or versus battles.

If you have a Japanese 3DS, you can download the Ningen Denpa RPG demo on February 1, 2012. Then, a week later, you can pay ¥800 (~$10.50) for the full game.

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