Japan Import: Dokuro could be the first no-risk import Vita game

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Japan Import: Dokuro could be the first no-risk import Vita game

One of the best advantages Vita owners have over 3DS owners is the lack of region-lock. People who stick with Sony can play game cartridges from any region. Granted, we have to go through a whole system reset if we want to buy from different regions’ PlayStation Stores, but still. Some region freedom is better than none. However, there haven’t really been any good games to turn to yet to take advantage of that, as most of the recent Japanese releases are either guaranteed a North American release or quite text-heavy. Cue Dokuro!

Dokuro is the story of a minion and princess. It also happens to be a platformer that tells the entire story in pictures and actions. An evil monster kidnaps a princess because he can. I suppose you could also argue that he does it because that’s what monsters due. He then leaves his throne room with one of his skeleton minions to guard her. Unfortunately for him, the minion he leaves behind is Dokuro and Dokuro really isn’t a bad guy. When he sees the princess crying, it breaks his heart. He then devotes his loyalty to her, and to getting her out of the castle safely, without his master knowing.

Game Arts is referring to Dokuro as a “gimmick” game, because of the way players interact with the events on screen. Dokuro can transform between his normal skeleton form and a prince charming form, which is used to interact with the princess. For example, his prince charming form can carry the Princess to safety when necessary, something his normal form could never do. It’s also heavier than usual. To trigger the change, you tap either the front or the back touch screen or panel. Dokuro also has magic chalk, which players use by drawing on the screen to make paths or help devices work. There are also a number of special devices hidden throughout the castle, like cannons and fans, that work with the characters or the characters and Dokuro’s chalk to help them safely navigate a level.

Here’s a pretty informative Dokuro trailer.

By now, you’re probably wondering why this is a no-risk import. That screenshot makes a pretty good argument why. There’s really no text used in Dokuro. Players learn about the story and how to use each of Dokuro’s abilities via detailed pictures. Which means there should be little to no language barrier. Play-Asia’s product listing for Dokuro is also quite convincing. The Asia version is listed as being an English and Japanese version. While we can’t know for sure until the game is actually released in a few weeks, such a notation usually means there is an in-game option to switch between the two languages. Even if there isn’t, the price is another good reason to give Dokuro a try. Unlike most import Vita games, it’s the same price as a domestic Vita game. If you grab the Japanese version from Play-Asia, it’s $29.90. Go for the Asian version with the Japanese and English notation and it’s $39.90. Considering most import Vita games are $69-$79, that’s a pretty good deal.

Dokuro will be out in Japan and Asia on July 5, 2012. An English release for Dokuro hasn’t been announced yet. It is a Game Arts title, however. They’re the company that made the Lunar and Grandia games. Which means they have ties to North American publishers. So we could eventually see it.

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