Japan Import: Dream Club hostess bar moves to the PSP

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Japan Import: Dream Club hostess bar moves to the PSP

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Dream Club Xbox 360 PSP

You can now visit a hostess club where ever you go, no matter where you live. D3 Publisher is going to be bringing the Xbox 360 game Dream Club to the PSP as Dream Club Portable in Fall 2010. This is great news, as now it’s going to be on a region-free platform.

Dream Club Portable is a game where you frequent a hostess club to visit women there. There are eight in the PSP version, all taken from the Xbox 360 version. As you talk with them, you’ll be able to build a relationship which could end up being romantic. You can also watch them perform.

It also sounds like the PSP version will have downloadable content (re: costumes), just like the Xbox 360 version. The game features ad-hoc support despite the fact it’s a single player game.

Really, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Many Japanese game publishers like to port their dating sims to the PSP, sometimes even the DS. So the idea of a PSP adaptation of the successful Dream Club was never really an if, it was more like a when. Besides, now there’s equal representation. The women can pick up Last Escort: Club Katze and the men can pick up Dream Club Portable.

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