Japan Import: Final Fantasy III remake now headed to the PSP

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Japan Import: Final Fantasy III remake now headed to the PSP

Square Enix is doing what it does best! Remember that DS remake of Final Fantasy III, which the company then ported to iOS devices? Well, it’s porting it again! This time, PSP owners in Japan will get port of the iOS version on September 20, 2012. I say a port of the iOS and not the DS version as the Final Fantasy III the PSP is getting will have the additional iOS features. Unfortunately, it won’t have the iOS price as it’s going to cost ¥3,990 (~$50).

Final Fantasy III is about a group of four young people from the world of light who are attempting to save the four light crystals to preserve the balance between light and dark that a villain named Xande is trying to upset. As with all Final Fantasy games, it involves traveling around the world and taking part in tons of turn-based battles. It has a pretty neat job system with lots of different classes to choose from and also ends up having a decent twist pop up halfway through the game. This newest remake has improved graphics, more detailed back-stories for the four heroes, widescreen display, battle speed variations, the ability to use remade or original music and an in-game gallery with all kinds of character art.

Now, let’s get to my favorite part of any import game article. It’s speculation time! Will we see Final Fantasy III in North America? I want to say no. Yes, the translation work is already done since we received the original DS remake and the iOS port, but Square Enix is not a fan of the PSP anymore. We didn’t get Final Fantasy Type-0, so I’m going to say Final Fantasy III is a longshot. If by some miracle we do get it, it’ll probably only be released as a download via PSN so Square Enix can capitalize on the Vita audience and save money.

I’d say import it, if you really want Final Fantasy III on your PSP that badly, but it isn’t worth it. Not for that kind of money. Grab it for $15.99 on iTunes or find a DS cartridge for $19.99 instead.

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