Japan Import: Final Fantasy Trading Card Game coming in 2011

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Japan Import: Final Fantasy Trading Card Game coming in 2011

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game logoWhen you think about the whole “gotta get’em all” theory, you usually think Pokemon. But soon, that notion will apply to Final Fantasy. Square Enix is currently working on a Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. You still have time to start saving though, as it has only just been announced for Japan, and won’t even appear there until February 25, 2011.

Details are very vague at the moment, and the brand new FF-TCG website doesn’t help much. It will be a standard TCG, where people collect the cards and use them to stage battles and attacks. Summons will be available, and there will be character cards featuring prominent heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy universe. The site reveals a few of the familiar faces we’ll be seeing when the game launches. Right now only Cloud, Sephiroth and Zidane have been officially announced (all three have Dissidia: Final Fantasy under their names), but some of the other character shadows look quite familiar. I spy Aerith (FFVII), a sage (FFIII), Yuna (FFX) and Lightning (FFXIII). I can’t tell who those other two figures are though. Any guesses?

If you’re really excited about the FF-TCG, you may want to consider importing a copy of The 3rd Birthday (PSP). While there isn’t much FF-TCG information on the site, Square Enix did make sure to announce that all copies of The 3rd Birthday will come with an exclusive card you can use in the FF-TCG. I’m tempted to say it’s an Aya Brea card, but I’m not sure there’ll be cross-overs in this trading card game. Perhaps it’ll be a special Lightning card, what with the Aya Brea/Lightning costume swaps.

If you’re in a betting mood, I’d say you could make some easy money by betting that the Japanese copy of Dissidia 012: duodecim will include a FF-TCG card!

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