Japan Import: Goodbye Aqua Blue 3DS

May 12, 2012 - 2:00 am No Comments

Japan Import: Goodbye Aqua Blue 3DS

It’s the end of an era people! The 3DS is only just about a year old, but one of its color schemes is going into the vault! Nintendo has decided to retire the Aqua Blue 3DS in Japan. Which pretty much means once the Aqua Blue 3DS units on Japanese store shelves are gone, that’s probably it. People would have to settle for the black, pink, red, white or Cobalt Blue model instead.

From what it sounds like, that color scheme will stop being made before the end of the month in Japan. Nintendo of America has yet to release a statement to say if this discontinuation will carry over to North America, Europe and Australia. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does, but you never know. On the plus side, it could make your ordinary blue 3DS a lot more valuable.

Not that it matters. I doubt there’s going to be some mad run to collect the last Aqua Blue 3DS units. Especially since Japan already has 3DS units in Cobalt Blue. People will just have to settle for a slightly darker color. Of course, if this happens here, then prospective 3DS owners will have no other “blue” options, but I think they’ll survive.

By the way, did I ever mention how awkward it is to write a store where you have to talk about multiple 3DS systems? It’s just so tempting to go with 3DSes, even though it sounds and looks horrible. Which do you prefer, 3DSes or 3DS units?

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