Japan Import: HarmoKnight could follow Theatrhythm’s success

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Japan Import: HarmoKnight could follow Theatrhythm’s success

The Nintendo Direct conference held in Japan on August 29, 2012 was full of 3DS game announcements. One is a bit of a surprise from GameFreak, the company known for all things Pokemon. It seems like Nintendo perhaps got a bit jealous from all the attention Square Enix got with Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, it’s music game with RPG elements, because now HarmoKnight is on its way to the 3DS eShop.

HarmoKnight seems to be an action RPG where you have to keep to the beat to win. Of course, it also looks like it could be a general action game with music elements. I guess we’ll have to see more as time passes. The player controls the titular HarmoKnight, who has to go through various levels around the fantasy world. The trick is that he’ll only be most successful in his battles and explorations if the buttons are pressed in time to the beat.

Here’s a fun little extra. I watched some of the Nintendo Direct conference footage about HarmoKnight. Some of the music sounded like something I’d heard in Pokemon Diamond or Black. So maybe GameFreak will be sneakng some classics into its new app.

A HarmoKnight release date has yet to be announced. Since it’s coming to the eShop and seems pretty far along, we might see it before 2012 ends. Odds are, it’ll be released in all regions, since it is an official Nintendo game and has a premise that should be pretty well accepted everywhere.

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