Japan Import: Here’s what will be in the first 3DS eShop update

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Japan Import: Here’s what will be in the first 3DS eShop update

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Nintendo 3DS3DS owners have been waiting for the big firmware update since the system launched back on March 27, 2011 and it’s almost upon us. Nintendo still hasn’t provided a solid release date, only saying that the eShop and internet browser-bearing update will be arriving before May ends, but recent signs have gotten people buzzing. First, there was a DSi and DSi firmware update that supposedly just contains behind the scene fixes and could be preparing for the DSi to 3DS DSiWare transfer. Now, the newest issue of Famitsu tells everyone what to expect from the Japanese eShop launch.

The initial launch lineup seems pretty robust. There’ll be Rockman Dash and Peticom 3DSware games ready. Plus, there will be three 3D Classics, which are NES games with 3D effects added in. One will be Excitebike, which everyone gets for free. The other two are Legend of Zelda and Xevious. There will also be a number of Virtual Console style ports, with Columns (GG), Dragon Crystal (GG), Ikari no Yousai (GB), a The Legend of Zelda DX (GBC) demo, Phantasm (GB), Sonic Drift 2 (GG), Sonic & Tails 2 (GG) and Super Mario Land (GBC). There will also be three application demos to download, among them one for a channel that will show 3D trailers and previews, a 3D video player and one for Fuji TV & Nippon TV previews. I’m thinking Ikari no Yousai and the Fuji TV & Nippon TV previews will be Japan eShop exclusives.

There was one more interesting tidbit in Famitsu‘s update on the 3DS firmware. Apparently, Japan will be getting it before the end of May. Since all regions have the same 3DS firmware launch window and the GameGear Classics lineup seems to be the same for all regions, perhaps we’ll see those games and applications when the North American and European 3DS eShops launch as well. We already know for sure that Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype will be in the North American eShop when it launches.

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