Japan Import: Hori makes the PS3 portable with the HP3-87 LCD screen

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Japan Import: Hori makes the PS3 portable with the HP3-87 LCD screen

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Hori HD LCD PS3 monitor screenScreen peripherals for consoles isn’t too uncommon. Nearly every console, including the current generation, has had at least one released. But Hori is taking the concept a step further with an HD LCD portable screen for the PS3. The LCD Monitor HD 3, model HP3-87, has an 11.6” screen, LED backlight and 480i and 720p support. It also will be compatible with the Japan-only Torne DTV adapter which allows you to watch and record TV on your PS3.

The LCD Monitor HD 3, HP3-87 won’t be out until May 27, 2010. That means you have almost two months to decide if it would be worth buying. It’ll cost ¥26,040 (~$277), almost as much as PS3 alone, so it isn’t really an impulse purchase item. You’re probably going to want it only if you do a substantial amount of traveling. And even then – at that price you could get a DS and PSP instead.

Hori’s website also states the HP3-87 will be compatible with all PS3s, regardless of region. It will support both NTSC and PAL formats, which covers Japan, North America, Europe, China, South America, India, Australia, Taiwan, Korea and about half of Africa. so there shouldn’t be any problem if you decide you need a HD portable screen to slap into the back of your PS3 slim. Well, actually it looks more like it’s covering both the top and back, but you get the idea. Odds are, it won’t be released outside of Japan, since most Hori products aren’t. I’m sure import sites like YesAsia, Renchi and Play-Asia will be taking orders.

Read [AV Watch (Japanese)] Via [Engadget] Site [Hori (Japanese)]

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