Japan Import: Irem cancels Disaster Report 4 after earthquake and tsunami

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Japan Import: Irem cancels Disaster Report 4 after earthquake and tsunami

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Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories  絶体絶命都市 4 IremPS3 owners won’t be helping their virtual avatar survive a virtual disaster anytime soon. After everything that has happened in Japan as a result of the 2011 Sendai earthquake, Irem has decided that releasing its PS3 adventure game Disaster Report 4 – Summer Memories - would have been in extremely poor taste. So instead of marking it as TBA, the company has just decided to completely cancel it. It also issued an apology to everyone anticipating the game’s release. I’m sure they’ll all understand.

While many may wonder why a game that’s probably already finished, considering it had an April 2011 release date, would be cancelled, it’s easy to see why Irem changed its mind about Disaster Report 4. The story was set in 201X and would have featured a customizable main character who is trying to survive and escape a modern city after an especially strong and traumatic earthquake. I bet the story would have hit too close to home for many survivors of Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Can you imagine playing something like this only a month after such a tragedy happened? It would probably have triggered many bad memories.

Disaster Report 4 – Summer Memories - would have been the first Disaster Report game to appear on the PS3. It also would have been the first entry in the series to appear on a next gen console, with support for PlayStation Move controls and 3D. Other Disaster Report games include the original 2002 PS2 game, which was also released in North America under the same name, Disaster Report 2 (PS2), which was released outside Japan as Raw Danger and the 2009 PSP exclusive Disaster Report 3.

Kudos to Irem, for having the strength and foresight to cancel Disaster Report 4. While the game sounded very interesting, especially the ability to search for other survivors and the manage the main character’s stress, any kind of 2011 or even 2012 release would have been too soon.

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