Japan Import: Irem ends Disaster Report series

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Japan Import: Irem ends Disaster Report series

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Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories Irem PS3

Game collectors and importers should start searching for copies of Zettai Zetsumei Toshi. That is, entries in Irem’s Disaster Report series. It turns out the whole series is over. If you’re in Japan or shopping online and see cheap copies of Disaster Report (PS2), Disaster Report 2 (PS2) or Disaster Report 3 (PSP), then grab them and keep them somewhere safe, in mint condition. It’ll be the last time you’ll see them anywhere now that they’re out of print.

This announcement arrived shortly after Irem decided to completely cancel Disaster Report 4 – Summer Memories - (PS3) back on March 14, 2011. That PS3 entry in the series was pretty much completely finished, and was going to be released in April, 2011 before the 2011 Sendai earthquake. Now, it’s just a fond memory. I’m sure if any review copies managed to be released before the disaster, that they’re not probably collector’s items and worth lots of money.

As for the Disaster Report PS2 game released in North America, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a copy for a decent price. I just checked Amazon and while one seller has it marked up at the ridiculous price of $72.98, a number of other people and retailers are selling it for between $7 and $25. GameStop’s even still got a product listing, saying it’ll be $2.99 if you can find it at a store that still sells PS2 games.

I can definitely understand Irem’s position and it is nice to see a company stand by its moral principles, but it is also sad to see a game series that managed to do so well suddenly disappear. It almost makes me want to check my local GameStop and see if there’s still a $2.99 copy of the US version of Disaster Report there.

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