Japan Import: Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box covers DS and 3DS games

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Japan Import: Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box covers DS and 3DS games

The Kingdom Hearts cash-in continues. Did you know it’s almost been 10 years since Kingdom Hearts was released on the PS2 on March 28, 2002? Square Enix did, and Square Enix isn’t a company that’s about to let an opportunity like that pass it by. Especially since Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS has the rather auspicious release date of March 29, 2012. It’s time for a Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box!

The Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box is a means of celebrating the series’ 10th birthday with portable games. If you grab it, you get the newest game, Kingdom Hearts 3D. You also get the two recent DS releases, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts re:Coded. I guess Square Enix figured only 3DS and DS owners will want to celebrate.

But alas, the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box isn’t as shiny and happy as it seems. It means the 10th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts is going to be celebrated and honored with two of the weakest games in the series. Kingdom Hearts re:Coded was just a pointless adventure and rehash with few redeeming qualities and, while I did like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, it also didn’t add anything worthwhile to the overall storyline. Both came across as ways for Square Enix to keep the series in the public eye while it prepared Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and, hopefully, started getting something done about Kingdom Hearts 3.

A more fitting Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box would have included the games that actually mattered: Kingdom Hearts (PS2), Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2) and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP). Square Enix could have done the HD remaster thing and put all three on the PS3. People would have gone nuts for it.

Anyways, if you’re really interested in this latest cash-in, you probably should just oogle it from the internet. The 3DS is region-locked so you wouldn’t be able to play the included copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D and the other two games are already available in English. You’d be paying a premium ¥15,000 (~$195) price for a game you can’t play, two games you either have played or wouldn’t want to play, a 3DS case and 12 post cards.

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