Japan Import: Love Plus + DSi XL bundle announced

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Japan Import: Love Plus + DSi XL bundle announced

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Love Plus + DSi LL XLKonami is once again going to be exploiting all of the Love Plus junkies in Japan. You remember Love Plus, the DS real-time dating simulation game that’s inspired unsettling devotion among fans. One guy even went so far as to marry his copy of the game, while others bought multiple copies of Love Plus to obtain all the different preorder items. First, Konami announced an updated edition of Love Plus, called Love Plus +, to snatch more money away from these people. Now, it’s announced Love Plus + DSi XL bundles.

More accurately, they should be called DSi LL bundles, since that’s what the latest version of the DSi is called in Japan. And the word bundles is plural because there isn’t going to just be one. There are going to be three Love Plus + DSi LL bundles, each with a DSi LL that has one of the game’s three girls on the front. This means Love Plus fans can choose a system with their favorite character on it and get a Manaka Deluxe, Nene Deluxe or Rinko Deluxe DSi LL. I think the DSi LL on the right is the Rinko Deluxe version.

If you’re thinking of importing one for yourself (don’t deny it, I know you’re all just fighting to resist this DSi LL’s charms), be aware that the DSi LL/XL is a region locked system. You’ll have no problem playing normal DS games on it, but you won’t be able to play any North American games that are DSi-enhanced or DSi-exclusives.

Read [Famitsu (Japanese)] Via [Andriasang] Also Read [Siliconera] Site [Love Plus + (Japanese)]

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