Japan Import: Love Plus released for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

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Japan Import: Love Plus released for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

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Love Plus iPad iPhone iPod TouchAll of those obsessed Love Plus fans in Japan will be happy to know that the series is expanding beyond the DS. Konami has just launched three Love Plus apps on iTunes for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The three applications are Love Plus iM, Love Plus iR and Love Plus iN.

As you can probably guess from the size, these apps don’t have any full dating sim features yet. At the moment, each ¥600 (~$6.36) app focuses on one girl (Manaka, Rinko or Nene) and has rather general features. When you have the app running, you’ll see a picture of the girl (that’s Manaka on the right), the time, the date and a few buttons. At the moment, you can have the girl tell you the time, use the calendar to keep track of appointments and use the augmented reality camera to take pictures that make it look like whoever is in the picture is posing with the girl in your app.

The app will gain more features to make it more like the DS incarnation of Love Plus, as time goes by, as Konami intends to update it each season. For example, the Spring 2010 update will include new costumes and hairdos, new AR markers for the camera, the ability to reach the Love Plus Map (a mao that shows who’s playing Love Plus around the world), an alarm clock feature where the girl tells you to wake up, communication events with the girl and internet scheduler calendar compatibility. In Summer 2010, there will be real date compatibility added, which will allow users to take their girls on dates that will use the GPS features to help enhance the experience.

A worldwide release is very unlikely, but that doesn’t mean people from other countries who want one of the Love Plus apps can’t buy it. You just need to create a Japanese iTunes account, procure a Japanese iTunes gift card (JBox carries them) and then download the application and authorize it for your computer. That trick also works for music from other regions as well. JBox even has instructions for setting up a Japanese iTunes account.

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