Japan Import: Metal Gear Solid 3DS bundle confirmed for 2012

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Japan Import: Metal Gear Solid 3DS bundle confirmed for 2012

Well here’s a surprise, there’s going to be a Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D bundle. Not in North America, of course. No, third party games never get special bundles here. This bundle is going to be a Japan exclusive, released on March 8, 2012.

As for details, who knows. All that has been revealed is that the Metal Gear Solid 3DS will be a thing. Kojima Productions, the developer, has been saying on its twitter account that the bundle will be available alongside the standard game release, in case someone still hasn’t jumped onboard the 3DS bandwagon, but hopes to soon. However, Kojima Productions only said that it is coming, and didn’t have any images of the bundle itself or a price point.

The Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D bundle will be the third Japan-exclusive 3DS. Previously, Monster Hunter 3G and SD Gundam G Generation 3D bundles with custom 3DS units were released. While nothing has been said yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kingdom Hearts 3D ended up being the fourth custom bundle. There are almost always special hardware bundles when it comes to Japanese Kingdom Hearts releases!

If you want a second 3DS from Japan so you can play all those Japanese games that region-locking has denied you, this may be a 3DS bundle to keep in mind. It will probably be something unique, and odds are we’d never see it released in North America. Just remember that you’ll have to pay more than usual because it is an imported product – probably around or over $229, which is what Play-Asia is charging for an ordinary Japanese 3DS.

Read [Kojima Productions on Twitter (Japanese)] Via [Andriasang]

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