Japan Import: Miss Princess becomes a Neo Romance game

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Japan Import: Miss Princess becomes a Neo Romance game

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Miss Princess 公主小姐 ミスプリ!It’s no secret that there’s an otome game fan here at Gamertell (cough, me, cough), and Tecmo Koei’s Neo Romance line is known for its fantastic contributions to the genre. It turns out, a new game is on the way, one that should make DS owners and manga fans very happy. All you Miss Princess (or Misu-Puri!) fans will be pleased to hear that you’ll be able to help Kokoro find love and possibly become the next Miss Princess. The game will be called Miss Princess too, by the way.

See, Kokoro Himeoka wants to be a model and fulfill a promise she made years ago by entering and winning the Miss Princess contest. There’s a catch to it though – all Miss Princess contestants have to have a personal butler. I don’t know why. Maybe you need to have a doting assistant to be a really good model? Anyways, it seems like Kokoro is out of luck. She’s a tomboy and doesn’t have the cash for a butler. Amazingly, she steps in to help an old lady in trouble. It turns out the woman is Badora’s President, a company that specializes in providing people butlers. Only in the world of manga folks!

This means Kokoro now has four butlers at her beck and call. Of course they’re gorgeous, and there is plenty of potential for romantic hijinks. Kokoro now can enter Miss Princess and try to win it.

The Miss Princess game will be pretty faithful to the basic premise of the series. Ruby Party is developing it and Miss Princess mangaka Madoka Seizuki is in charge of the art. Players will help Kokoro become Miss Princess, while also helping her find love with one of her brand new butlers.

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