Japan Import: New Idolmaster PSP games aren’t simulations

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Japan Import: New Idolmaster PSP games aren’t simulations

I know we were probably all hoping that the next portable Idolmaster game would be released on the Vita and be a follow up to Idolmaster 2, but it turns out that won’t be happening. Namco Bandai has decided to return to the PSP for the next Idolmaster installment. Actually, installments is more accurate. There will be three variations of Idolmaster Shiny Festa, and all three will be straightforward music games.

When I straightforward, I really mean it. Idolmaster Shiny Festa will be just like Guitar Hero, DJ Max Portable or that KON PSP game. A song will play while a music video of the idols performing on stage, taking part in a music video or playing as a band runs. There will also be times when animated segments from the recent Idolmaster anime will run. All you have to do is press the right directional button when its indicator passed over a set spot in the center of the screen.

As for the different varieties, Idolmaster Shiny Festa will be like Idolmaster SP in that three versions will be released, with each one having different characters and music. Which means you have to pick the version you want based on whether or not you like the four idols appearing in it. Idolmaster Shiny Festa: Funky Note has Hibiki, Iori, Yayoi and the twins Ami and Mami. I like to think of it as the chipmunk edition, since all the idols have high, squeaky voices. In the middle is Idolmaster Shiny Festa: Groovy Tune, with Makoto, Miki, Takane and Yukiho. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, as Makoto and Takane have great voices, but Miki and Yukiho are only so-so, in my opinion. Finally, there’s Idolmaster Shiny Festa: Honey Sound has Azusa, Chihaya, Haruka and Ritsuko, which means it pretty much has the best singers packed into it.

We don’t know when Namco Bandai will release this new trio of PSP games. Rest assured that it will most definitely not get a worldwide release, just like the other Idolmaster games, but take solace in the fact that you could import it and play it on your domestic PSP if you’d like. The fact that all you have to do is press the right button when it passes the right indicator means it’d probably end up being the most import-friendly of all IMAS games.

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