Japan Import: Night of the Sacrifice Wii will use the Balance Board

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Japan Import: Night of the Sacrifice Wii will use the Balance Board

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Night of the Sacrifice Wii マーベラスエンターテイメント イケニエノヨル

Marvelous Entertainment is working on a new Wii game for next year that should be an exciting adventure for older gamers. Night of the Sacrifice (Ikenie no Yoru) is a horror adventure about, what else, college students who stumble about a suitably scary location and incur wrath of the ghosts and evil that happens to live there. Yup, sounds about right.

These five college students stumble upon a valley where people used to make sacrifices. But, as you can probably guess, either the creatures they were making sacrifices too or the spirits of the sacrificed didn’t disappear once the sacrificial events ended. People play alone, or with a friend, to try and explore the area, discover what’s going on and, of course, escape. The Wii remote will be used as a flashlight and controller. Surprisingly, Night of the Sacrifice will have Balance Board support, but Marvelous hasn’t revealed how it will be used yet.

One Night of the Sacrifice trailer has been released, though it seems to be showing event scenes rather than gameplay footage. Don’t expect to see any Balance Board usage hints, but do keep an eye out for our brand new friend up there!

See all those people in the trailer that look like awkward cartoon characters among the ghosts? Those are the main characters who stumbled on this area. Perhaps there’ll be some explanation for their appearance closer to the official release.

I wouldn’t get too excited about Night of the Sacrifice and our new friend. While it’ll be released in Japan on March 24, 2011, there’s no news about a North American localization yet. It is a Marvelous game though, and both XSEED and Natsume have good relations with that particular company. XSEED even published Ju-on: The Grudge, another Wii horror game.

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