Japan Import: Nintendo busts out the Mario Trump cards

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Japan Import: Nintendo busts out the Mario Trump cards

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Nintendo Mario Trump Playing Cards Deck

Video games are wonderful, but not always practical. There are times when certain situations forbid or prevent play. A power outage is a good example. That doesn’t mean you have to stop playing with your favorite characters though. Nintendo is going to be selling some Mario Trump cards that will allow you to entertain yourself with Mario, Bowser and lots of other iconic characters anytime and anywhere you can bring a deck of playing cards.

For ¥1,050 ($11.30), you can pick up one of three Mario Trump decks – Dot, Standard or New. Well, you can’t pick them up immediately. As Nintendo’s Mario Trump page says, they’ll be released sometime in July, 2010. It also shows off each deck of cards, displaying the fronts and backs so you can get an idea of which one might be right for you.

As you can see, the various Mario Trump cards do a wonderful job of visually capturing the look of Super Mario throughout the ages. The names each refer to the way the various Super Mario characters are depicted on the cards. The Dot cards feature character art that appears to be lifted straight from the NES game Super Mario Bros.. The characters on the Standard cards (shown above) look like the SNES Super Mario World-era characters. The characters on the final New deck look like they belong in New Super Mario Bros. (DS) or New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii).

The Mario Trump cards are quite striking, but I think I’d prefer the Mario Party Playing Cards you can get for free by redeeming points at the Club Nintendo website. Okay, technically they’re not free, but odds are you’d be buying the games to earn the points to get them anyway!

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