Japan Import: Nintendo creating a 35th anniversary CoroCoro 3DS

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Japan Import: Nintendo creating a 35th anniversary CoroCoro 3DS

CoroCoro Comic is a pretty legendary shonen manga magazine in Japan. It’s been around since 1977 and you better believe it’s going all out for its 35th anniversary. Nintendo’s stepping up to help make the event extra memorable with an extremely limited edition 3DS. How limited, you may ask? Well, we don’t even know yet!

CoroCoro Comics has only just announced it’s 35th anniversary celebration. The May 2012 issue will have all the details, but isn’t going to be coming out until mid-April. We do, however, have the picture at the right from the CoroCoro anniversary website. The 3DS will be a solid, navy blue system with gold etching on the top. It will proclaim it’s a 35th anniversary CoroCoro 3DS, as well as have images of the mascot and various icons from manga that have run in the magazine over the years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a prize in some kind of contest. Which would mean only people living in Japan would have any hopes of actually winning it. Unless one of the winners got it and immediately auctioned it off, but what are the odds of that happening? I guess we’ll have to wait a month for more information. Collectors may just have to content themselves with oogling this 3DS which will be another one of the many we will never see outside Japan.

It’s probably for the best anyway. I mean, the system is region-locked. So as cool as this is, you’d have to invest a lot more money in Japanese games to actually use and enjoy it.

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