Japan Import: Noora and the Time Studio looks adorable

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Japan Import: Noora and the Time Studio looks adorable

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Noora Nora and the Time Studio The Witch of Misty ForestAtlus has a RPG in the works in Japan that seems guaranteed to put smiles on DS and 3DS owners’ faces. Noora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Misty Forest is a RPG and life sim where players help a young girl named Noora help the people around her while becoming a master time manipulator. That’s Noora on the right over there. If her character art looks familiar, that’s because Etrian Odyssey director Shigeo Komori, Etrian Odyssey character designer Yuji Himukai and Atelier scenario creator Shinichi Yoshiike have teamed up for this endeavor.

Noora is an apprentice practicing the time honored trade of time manipulation. If you’re familiar with the Atelier and Mana Khemia series, then you’ll be pleased to know that Noora’s trade is very similar to alchemy. She decides to spend three years training in Temperina’s Misty Forest. Not such a good idea, because the people of Temperina have legends about a witch living in Misty Forest and Noora and her unusual ability make her seem pretty witchy. Of course, it’d be easy if Noora could just reveal herself, but she isn’t allowed to tell other people about time manipulation.

So in Noora and the Time Studio, Noora just has to run errands and do missions for the townsfolk to make them like her and see she isn’t a witch. She has three years to clear her name and, along the way, she’ll make friends to help her out. Depending on what missions players take and what they do, they can unlock multiple endings.

Here’s a rather comprehensive, first trailer for Noora and the Time Studio. You can see both the RPG and time manipulation (read: alchemy) elements at work in it.

Okay Atlus, here’s your next game to bring to North America. It looks absolutely adorable, the premise seems awesome and we could use one last dose of DS goodness from you before you start focusing solely on the 3DS. Since it comes out July 21, 2011 in Japan, I doubt we’ll see a surprise E3 announcement concerning Noora and the Time Studio.

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