Japan Import: Pink x White 3DS LL is just so sweet

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Japan Import: Pink x White 3DS LL is just so sweet

The 3DS LL has been out for exactly one month in Japan. I think it’s the perfect time for Nintendo to step in and knock the wind out of some people who already bought one by announcing a new color variation. Well, look at that! No sooner did I mention it, than did Nintendo announce the Pink x White 3DS LL for Japan. It’s kismet, I’m telling you.

The Pink x White 3DS is identical to the current 3DS LL units available in Japan. It’s much bigger than a 3DS and costs ¥18,900 (~$240). The only differences are the colors, since the lid is pastel pink and the insides white, and the fact that it won’t be available until September 27, 2012. (That’s the day Style Savvy: Trendsetter is released in Japan.) Also, it’s about 10% cuter than the normal 3DS LL.

By the way, don’t let the use of the term 3DS LL in this article throw you. That’s just what Nintendo calls 3DS XL units in Japan. I don’t know why it isn’t just called XL there, since that abbreviation is tagged onto the larger unit everywhere else. Maybe it’s something that should be brought up at a press conference or something, because you know that is an important issue.

As always, there’s the region-lock warning to go through. The 3DS is Nintendo’s first region-locked handheld. That means a Japanese 3DS can only play games from Japan and so on. So don’t import a Japanese 3DS unless you’re also willing to import Japanese games for it.

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