Japan Import: Prepare for Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS with keyboard peripheral (updated)

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Japan Import: Prepare for Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS with keyboard peripheral (updated)

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Battle & and Get Pokemon Typing DSNintendo made a lot of announcements today in Japan during a special press conference. Hidden among the 3DS news was an interesting, and even kind of awkward, DS game announcement. If you’re having trouble learning to type, Nintendo thinks pokemon can help you out. Yes, pokemon. As in Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS.

Battle & Get: Pokemon Typing DS features pokemon from all entries in the series, including Pokemon Black and White. The top screen shows the pokemon, words you need to type, a bar showing how much longer you have to type and it looks like figures saying how well you’re doing. The bottom features a full keyboard and 10 fingers, which light up to show which one you should be using when pressing a certain key.

It’s an interesting prospect, to say the least. Not that I’m discounting Nintendo typing programs. Part of the reason I know how to type is because of Mario Teaches Typing. I’m just wondering how valid a typing game can be when it, you know, takes place on the DS. It seems like the sort of thing where you really need a full keyboard in front of you.

Battle & Get: Pokemon Typing DS will be out in Japan sometime in 2010. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed a worldwide release, and I don’t think you should go crazy waiting for one. I seriously doubt this will make it to North America. If you absolutely feel like you can’t live without a Pokemon-themed typing game, you should probably import. It looks like it’s going to be very import friendly.

Update: Andriasang has confirmed that Battle & Get: Pokemon Typing DS will come with a wireless keyboard DS peripheral. So no need to worry about typing on that teeny touch screen. Nintendo has not made images of the keyboard peripheral available.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated at 3:00pm CST on September 29, 2010 to note that Battle & Get: Pokemon Typing DS will include a wireless keyboard peripheral.

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