Japan Import: Pro Baseball Famista 2011 has lots of Namco Bandai character cameos

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Japan Import: Pro Baseball Famista 2011 has lots of Namco Bandai character cameos

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Pro Baseball Famista 2011 プロ野球 ファミスタ2011 Taiko Drum Master 太鼓の達人 Don-ChanAside from entries in the Madden series, most video games tend to be released without a lot of fanfare. Namco Bandai’s Pro Baseball Famista 2011 isn’t going to be one of those games. For the most part, this 3DS baseball game is pretty standard. You pick a team and play through multiple games to prove you’re the best, either in standard match-ups or a board game Dream Pennant mode. What makes Pro Baseball Famista 2011 special is the Namco Stars Team.

The Namco Stars team is quite possibly the most epic, virtual baseball team in existance. I mean, it has a Ridge Racer car as one of its players. In case that just passed over your head, let me say it again – there is a sports car playing baseball in Pro Baseball Famista 2011. While you’re still gaping over that, let me also say that an Ace Combat jet and one of the Taiko Drum Master drum characters are also part of the Namco Stars Team.

Namco Bandai hasn’t revealed all of the characters from its iconic games that will step up to the plate yet in Pro Baseball Famista, but did mention quite a few to Famitsu. They even supplied character art of the more recognizable figures in uniform. If you choose the Namco Stars as your team, you could have Idolm@ster‘s Haruka Amami, Soul Calibur‘s Siegfried or Tekken‘s Nina Williams hiting home runs for you. Other games that will be represented include God Eater Burst, Mr. Driller and Xenosaga.

There’s no word yet about a North American release. It could happen, so just keep your fingers crossed. Especially since we can’t import it, what with the 3DS being region-locked. If you’re in Japan though, and planning on getting a Japanese 3DS, you can get Pro Baseball Famista 2011 for yourself for ¥6,090 (~$74) on March 31, 2011.

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