Japan Import: PS3 gets weirder thanks to Dream Club Complete Edipyon

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Japan Import: PS3 gets weirder thanks to Dream Club Complete Edipyon

Prepare for a massive eyeroll! D3 Publisher is rereleasing Dream Club. The hostess dating sim was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, but has been sneaking around with Sony handhelds over the last few years. Now, the exclusive relationship has been irrevokably shattered as Dream Club Complete Edipyon heads to the PS3. How disgraceful!

And yes, I really did mean to write edipyon. D3 Publisher’s using that in place of “edition,” probably because it’s supposed to be catchy.

In case you somehow missed it when gaming websites went crazy talking about this weird game, Dream Club involves players visiting a hostess club. They spend money on drinks/food/gifts for the girls and play mini-games with them in the hopes of eventually becoming the boyfriend of one of them. Bad endings involve being friend-zoned or kicked out of the club.

Here’s what we know will be on the Dream Club Complete Edipyon release so far. It will definitely have the Xbox 360 content. It will also have some Dream Club Zero‘s mini-games, though so far only the suggestive banana-feeding game has been confirmed. I’m guessing it will also include all of the original Dream Club outfit DLC. I mean, it is called the complete edition, and when a company says that they tend to include DLC from previous releases.

The PS3 is region-free so if you need a hostess club dating sim with newly added, mildly perverted mini-games in it, Dream Club Complete Edipyon could be your game. It’ll be out before 2012 ends, so you could even make it a Christmas present to yourself. Just don’t go in immediately expecting to be awesome. While there are plenty of mini-games, it’s a dating sim at its core and those are text heavy and winning over the character you want can be more difficult than you’d expect.

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