Japan Import: River City Ransom 2 hits Wii in 2011, PC in 2012

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Japan Import: River City Ransom 2 hits Wii in 2011, PC in 2012

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River City Ransom NES BoxThere’s good news from Japan today – a classic series is being revived and Wii and PC owners will reap the benefits. I’m sure you all remember the legendary and classic side-scrolling brawler, River City Ransom. It helped inspire that awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game downloadable PS3 and Xbox 360 game. Well, it is making a comeback and will be appearing on Japanese Wiis in Summer 2011 and on Japanese PCs in 2012. Go ahead and give a victory cheer. I’ll wait.

If you’ve never heard of River City Ransom, then you need to get out. Your gamer identity card has been revoked. Go get the Virtual Console or Game Boy Advance version of River City Ransom and play it for a few hours to reclaim your honor.

There are no details on what River City Ransom 2 will be like, but I’m sure it will be quite similar to the original NES game. In the original River City Ransom, players controlled either Alex or Ryan, two high schoolers who were trying to save Ryan’s girlfriend Cyndi. She was kidnapped by a guy named Slick, who’s now holding her in River City High School. Hence the whole “ransom” thing. Getting there isn’t easy though, as a number of random gangs of street toughs keep trying to beat Alex and Ryan up. Thankfully, you can recruit your own buddies to help out, or go shopping in mall areas to buy food to heal or items to get special abilities and skills. I’m going to guess that for the sequel Cyndi either got herself kidnapped again, or there’s a new pair of guys and a new girl who’s been taken hostage and needs rescuing.

I think our best bet for a localization is Aksys. The company has put out quite a few WiiWare games in the past. Plus, it has released a number of the other, similar games in North America. For example, it brought River City Sports Challenge and River City Soccer Hooligans to the DS and was responsible for the original River City Ransom being added to the Wii’s Virtual Console.

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