Japan Import: See what happens when Project Diva 2nd and Idolm@ster collide

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Japan Import: See what happens when Project Diva 2nd and Idolm@ster collide

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Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd Idolmaster DLC

Sega’s Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd is a DLC natural, which isn’t surprising since it’s a music game with Vocaloid characters you can dress up. Some of the most anticipated bundles involved the announced collaboration with Namco Bandai and its Idolm@ster series. Now, Sega’s revealed what you’ll get in all three of the DLC when they’re released on October 28, 2010.

Only one of the DLC packs is free, and it isn’t all that impressive. If you download the Idolm@ster Collaboration Commemorative Poster, you get a poster that you can put in one of the Vocaloids’ rooms in the game. Said poster features Miku, Rin and Luka in Idolm@ster outfits.

Then there are the two ¥1,000 (~$12) Collaboration Sets. Each one includes one Idolm@ster song, “sung” by Hatsune Miku, an outfit (or outfits) and some Vocaloid room accessories. The “Go My Way!!” Collaboration Set comes with a Haruka Amami outfit for Miku. The “Relations” Collaboration Set comes with an Ami/Mami Futami outfit for Rin and a Chihaya Kisaragi outfit for Luka. The “Go My Way” set also comes with a 765 Productions style Vocaloid room theme, to change the entire appearance of the room to resemble the Idolm@ster production company’s office. “Relations” is Miki Hoshii’s “song” in the Idolm@ster games, while “Go My Way!!” is considered to be a Yayoi Takatsuki or the Futami Twins’ song.

As you can tell from the outfits, Sega and Namco Bandai tried to give the Vocaloid characters outfits that matched the Idolm@ster characters they most resembled. Since Haruka is typically considered the “star” character of the Idolm@ster games, Miku gets to look like her. (Even though her pigtail make her resemble Yayoi more.) Rin gets the youngest Idolm@ster character’s outfit, and Luka gets the oldest’s.

If you want to access the DLC in your game, you’ll need to have a PlayStation Store account that matches the region your game is from. So if you have an Asian version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd, you need a Hong Kong PSN account. If you have a Japanese version, you need a Japanese account. You’ll also need to procure some Hong Kong and Japanese PlayStation cards to charge up said account and buy the DLC. (Play-Asia can help you out there.)

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