Japan Import: Silver PS3s return

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Japan Import: Silver PS3s return

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Silver PS3On March 10, 2011, a new PS3 is coming to own and it’s a Japan exclusive. Don’t worry – you don’t be missing out. All the changes are cosmetic. As in, hey! If you live in Japan you can pick up a silver PS3 in case black just doesn’t match your living room decor.

There will be two Satin Silver PS3s released, a ¥29,980 (~$366) 160gb system and the other a ¥34,980 (~$430) 320gb system. So you can get one with just the right amount of space, without having to worry about replacing a hard drive later. Each one will come with a matching DualShock 3 controller, as well as all the necessary cables. The consoles will be limited edition items, though Sony didn’t state how many would be produced.

If you happen to be awestruck by that Satin Silver machine, then you can always import. Odds are, it will never receive a North American release. PS3 games are region-free, which means they’ll play on any console, so you can grab one and enjoy games bought in North America. The PS3 itself isn’t region-free though, so if you get a Japanese one you will only be able to play Japanese DVDs, Blu-ray discs (unless they’re region-free) and PS1 games.

Not that I’d ever plan to do anything like that. It’s not that the silver PS3 looks bad, it just seems a bit lacking. At least, compared the the Piano Black PS3s that are available everywhere. The black PS3s just seem so refined, dignified and classy. Maybe it’s just me, but the silver pales in comparison. It almost looks like it’s made of cheaper isn’t materials, though that obviously isn’t the case since the color is the only difference. Perhaps the silver system just doesn’t photograph well.

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