Japan Import: Sony defies the odds, releases marine blue PSPs

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Japan Import: Sony defies the odds, releases marine blue PSPs

Even though the PSP is pretty much dead here in North America, it’s still doing really well in Japan. So well, in fact, that Sony thinks it’s time for a new design! I know, I’m amazed too. You think it’d want to work on getting the Vita out there, but instead it’s preparing the marine blue PSP for an April 26, 2012 launch.

The marine blue PSP is actually a two tone model. The front face of the system is a light blue, while the back, buttons and analog nub are all a dark blue. It’s a standard PSP-3000 model, which means there aren’t any revolutionary changes. All that’s different is the color scheme.

If you feel like you need a new, import PSP at this time in your life, you can get this blue PSP bundle in a ¥17,800 (~$220) value pack. That gets you the system, a carrying case, a screen wipe, a 2gb memory stick and of course the battery and power cord. It’s region-free and will play UMD and download games from any country.

Seriously though, don’t import this PSP. You can get a black PSP-3000 new for $129.99. Granted, it won’t come with a memory stick or case, but memory sticks are cheap now and you don’t really need some fancy case. You should also check GameStop or another local store that sells used games, as people are probably starting to trade in their PSPs now. I know I saw a few PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 models at my local Disc Replay going for between $89.99 and $109.99 a few weeks ago.

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