Japan Import: Square Enix includes Japanese and English in Final Fantasy III for PSP

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Japan Import: Square Enix includes Japanese and English in Final Fantasy III for PSP

Good news from Famitsu! Final Fantasy fans with a PSP who don’t already have a DS, iOS device or Android device can get Final Fantasy III even if Square Enix doesn’t decide to officially release it outside of Japan. Like a handful of other game releases from Asia, Final Fantasy III will have both Japanese and English language options.

Like the DS, iOS and Android versions, this incarnation of Final Fantasy III is an updated remake of the original NES game. It has an expanded storyline, more detailed characters, an extra dungeon, more refined character classes and of course improved graphics. There’s also an in-game gallery filled with character concept art. The only thing the PSP version is lacking that was present in the other portable ports of Final Fantasy III is touch screen controls. Which makes sense because the PSP has no touch screen.

Final Fantasy III will be out in Japan on September 20, 2012 and will cost ¥3,990. Since that’s about $50, I really wouldn’t recommend importing it. The other ports are much more affordable. Besides, with all the translation work already done there’s a good chance we’ll see this released outside Japan. Perhaps it will end up being a PlayStation Store exclusive.

If you do decide to import Final Fantasy III, you don’t really have to worry about the language option. When you pop the UMD into your PSP, it will check to see what your system’s language setting is. If it’s Japanese, the game will be in Japanese. If it’s English, you’ll be playing in English.

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