Japan Import: Square Enix making Ultimate Kiss otome games for girls

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Japan Import: Square Enix making Ultimate Kiss otome games for girls

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翔べ!舞羽高校演劇部 Soar! Maihane Senior High Theater DepartmentSquare Enix is going to start making dating sim games! But not just any kind of dating sims, otome games. Which means they’re designed for women. I guess the company saw Konami, Idea Factory and D3 Publisher making loads of money off their otome DS and PSP games and wanted in. Square Enix will be creating a whole line of otome games called Ultimate Kiss, but only has one cell phone game planned so far – Tobe! Maihane Koukou Engekibu, which translates into Soar! Maihane High School Theater Club.

As the title suggests, Soar! Maihane High School Theater Club places players in the shoes of a high school girl who’s part of a school drama club. The club is in peril, as the school will close it if it doesn’t win a high school drama club contest that’s going to be held in three months. In the beginning, this is no big deal because the club’s practicing and has a play ready. But there’s a terrible accident and the heroine is the only club member left who isn’t injured.

This means players have to find love with one of four different guys while also rebuilding the club so it can perform in and win the contest. The supporting characters/chaseable guys all have valuable performing skills that are key parts of saving the day. For example, Narushi is a writer, which means he’s perfect for helping create a script.

In a surprise twist, Soar! Maihane High School Theater Club is a free-to-play game. Square Enix is planning to have an in-game cash shop, which players can visit to buy special items that will make it easier to win the guys’ hearts and (probably) save the club.

With the popularity rush these kinds of games have recently started experiencing, I wouldn’t be surprised if English language versions of Neo-Romance or Otomate games start appearing in the US in a year or two. After all, Aksys conducted a survey to see if North American audiences would buy otome games

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