Japan Import: Stores cutting Vita 3G’s price

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Japan Import: Stores cutting Vita 3G’s price

We already know that the Vita isn’t doing as well in Japan as Sony would have liked. Not to mention hackers have already found exploits in the device that allow emulation. Not to mention the 3G Vita has a 20mb download cap and rather disappointing download and upload speeds. So the sight of some stores discounting the 3G Vita model by about 20% isn’t surprising.

A Wi-Fi model Vita goes for ¥24,980, or around $326. A 3G and Wi-Fi model, which requires people to get a data plan contract, is supposed to be ¥29,980, or about $390. As you can probably guess, the 3G/Wi-Fi model isn’t selling as well. Which is leading some stores to reduce it in an attempt to get shoppers to buy it. The ad from the store taken above, which appeared originally at , says the 3G/Wi-Fi model is only ¥24,999 (~$326). You know things can’t be good when a store is willing to take a loss and make a model with more features almost the exact same price as the base model.

The Vita hasn’t even been out a month yet, which makes all this panicking a bit premature. You’d think stores would at least want to give the handheld a few weeks before chopping almost ¥5,000 (~$65) off a device’s price. Perhaps this will benefit Sony. Right now, the company is learning what people think about the Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi Vita models, and perhaps there’s enough time to make adjustments to the North American and European launches to give both models a better chance of survival overseas. Perhaps the 3G/Wi-Fi model will receive a bit of a price cut or Sony will work with AT&T, the company providing data plans for the Vita in the United States, to create some kind of incentive to buy the more expensive model.

Personally, if I bought a Vita I’d go with the cheaper Wi-Fi model. There are so many free, Wi-Fi hotspots available now that it seems silly to pay for a data plan. Plus, I’ve had unpleasant experiences with AT&T’s service in the past. Most importantly, I found I usually only played my PSP at home due to the system’s battery life, size and the fact that it always seemed more delicate than my DS. I’d imagine the same thing would happen with a Vita.

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