Japan Import: Strapya World stocking its 2010 lucky bags

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Japan Import: Strapya World stocking its 2010 lucky bags

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Strapya 2010 Fukubukuro Lucky BagsWe all know and love Strapya World for stocking those ellusive and exotic video game cell phone charms and keychains that those of us living outside of Japan would never normally be able to acquire. The shop’s little novelties often make the perfect stocking stuffers and gifts. So, it’s great to hear that the Strapya 2010 fukubukuro Lucky Bags are now in stock.

In Japan, stores celebrate New Years with fukubukuro, lucky bags filled with a wide variety of stock from the previous year at a subtantially discounted price. The bags are typically 50-70% off of the normal price of all the items inside. Along with old, popular stock, the stores will also put in expensive, incentive items to try and get people to purchase them. Strapya’s bags for this year are no different.

One Strapya lucky bag will cost you $29.40, which may seem a bit pricey, but you have to figure that you’re going to get 15-16 items in there that would normally cost over $130. The catch is, you don’t know what 14 of the items are going to be. Every bag is guaranteed to have a simple, one stone cubic zirconia necklace, but you could also get a diamond chip cell phone strap or champaign diamond necklace.

Strapya stocks plenty of other video game related novelties that could make great stocking stuffers, if you don’t feel like taking a chance on a lucky bag. There are Pacman key coversFinal Fantasy cell charms, Kingdom Hearts character charms, Tales of character cell phone straps and lots of other cool accessories. They even still have the Street Fighter IV Fightpad Action Voice Command keychains in stock. Just check the <a href="http://www.strapya-world.com/categories/12_30.html" title="strapya" target="external"Anime, Manga and Video Game section of the site.

I splurged on a lucky bag myself. I figure since I ordered it so far in advance, it’ll be here by Christmas. I can keep the charms and items I like, and distribute the rest to family and friends.

Image Source: Strapya World.

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