Japan Import: Super Mario 25th Anniversary DSi LL arrives in October

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Japan Import: Super Mario 25th Anniversary DSi LL arrives in October

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Super Mario 25th Anniversary DSi XL LLJapan’s getting another new DSi LL (XL) on October 28, 2010. And no, we won’t be getting it. It’s a ¥18,000 (~$215) special unit designed specifically for the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario series. Which is why it’s official name is the Super Mario 25th Anniversary DSi LL.

The casing is what sets this DSi apart. It’s all red, with black lining along the edges. The top also proudly proclaims “Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary” under the camera, with Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Starman icons above it. It also comes with a matching black standard stylus and red and black pen-sized stylus.

Like all DSi XL/LL units, this Super Mario DSi LL comes with three preloaded DSiWare applications. It looks like it definitely comes with the Literature and Science Chotto Brain Training DSiWare games. I can’t tell what the third is though, the box art at Nintendo’s site is too small. It doesn’t really matter though, it’s not like anyone would be buying this particular DSi LL for the included games.

If you feel like you can’t go on without owning this special DSi LL, you could always import it. Just remember that DSi units are region-locked when it comes to certain games. It will play all DS games, regardless of what region they came from, but will only play DSi and DSi-enhanced games from the region that DSi is from. So, a DSi from Japan could only play the Japanese versions of Pokemon Black and White, and not the North American or European ones.

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