Japan Import: Tales of the World: Tactics Union is an Android app

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Japan Import: Tales of the World: Tactics Union is an Android app

Namco Bandai is really moving forward with the Tales series. Even though it hasn’t decided to reveal the next entry in the main series just yet, it has decided that people need to know about the next portable Tales. People in Japan should grab their smartphones and tablets, because Tales of the World: Tactics Union is coming July 2, 2012. The only quirk is that it’s only a kind-of free-to-play game.

Like the other Tales of the World games, Tales of the World: Tactics Union is a mashup/spinoff. Characters from multiple Tales games all join together to fight for a common cause. There’s no word yet on if there will be an original player avatar, as there were in the Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon or Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology series, but there will definitely be two original mascot characters. It also looks like there’ll be a fairly robust cast list with cameos from other games, with Asbel (Graces, Sophie (Graces), Lloyd (Symphonia), Guy (Abyss), Natalia (Abyss), Flynn (Vesperia), Norma (Legendia) and Rubia (Tempest) all confirmed as party members.

The most intriguing part is that Tales of the World: Tactics Union is going to be a first for the Tales of the World series. It’s a turn-based, strategic RPG. Players will go into a battle, direct party members to move along a grid and hope that their side is the last one standing. Each character will retain some of their special skills from their original adventures, which can then be used against their new enemies.

Now, let’s elaborate on the sort-of free-to-play thing. It is free, only technically it’s not. People in Japan who are part of the ¥390 (~$4.88) KDDI Android device au Smart Pass app service can play it for free. (KDDI is a Japanese mobile carrier, in case that part left you flumoxed.) If you’re not part of that, you can’t play at all. There’ll also be a cash shop, which is expected because every free-to-play game has a cash shop with extra items.

Odds are, we won’t see Tales of the World: Tactics Union outside Japan. It’s a shame, because it seems interesting, but sometimes these things happen.

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