Japan Import: Tales of Xillia is a PS3 game

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Japan Import: Tales of Xillia is a PS3 game

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Tales of Xillia Mira

What better way to celebrate a game series anniversary than with a new game announcement? That’s how Namco Bandai decided to honor the anniversary of Tales of Phantasia in Japan. Tales of Xillia is in development for the PS3. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be released on the anniversary, but just a new game announcement is good enough. It’s the first Tales game to be made especially for the PS3, and it will be released sometime towards the end of 2011.

The first Tales of Xillia trailer has even already been released. Let’s watch!

Those two characters that were featured so prominently are Tales of Xillia‘s two main heroes. Yes, two. You’ll play as Jude the medical student or Mira the spirit master. Yup, right when the story begins you choose your hero or heroine, but that doesn’t mean Jude won’t appear in Mira’s story and vice versa. So Tales of Xillia marks a second first for the series – there’s never been a Tales game with two main characters.

Namco Bandai is keeping the game’s storyline a secret for now, but has revealed a number of interesting details. For example, there will now be a Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System (DR-LMBS) for all battles, with only two characters showing up to fight opponents. You get to see a sample of that with Jude and Mira in the trailer above. It looks like the two may be able to coordinate their attacks to do more damage. Oh, and Ayumi Hamasaki will be recording the theme song.

No word yet from Namco Bandai on a North American or European release and, frankly, I wouldn’t hope for one. We didn’t see Tales of Innocence (DS), Tales of Hearts (DS), the PS3 port of Tales of Vesperia or Tales of Graces (PS3, Wii). Namco Bandai just doesn’t support the Tales series outside of Japan, and it’s best to be pessimistic, rather than get all excited about a game that never appears. At least Tales of Xillia will be able to be imported, since the PS3 is region-free.

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