Japan Import: The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game doesn’t sound complicated

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Japan Import: The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game doesn’t sound complicated

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameSquare Enix has released a lot of new information about the forthcoming Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, including a little bit of information about what kinds of cards will be available, which games will include special promo cards and how you can buy them. Unfortunately, it still sounds like they are going to be Japan-exclusives for the moment, when it launches Feburary 25, 2011, but it still doesn’t hurt to go over things. After all, it is a Final Fantasy product so it’ll probably be released worldwide eventually.

The Final Fantasy TCG will be sold in two ways. You can get White or Black Entry Sets and Booster Packs. The Entry Sets will cost ¥1,500 (~$18), come with a playing mat sheet, instructions and a 50 card deck that includes one rare card you can only get in the Black or White deck. Booster packs will cost ¥330 (~$4), come with eight random cards and may contain common, uncommon, rare, super rare and premium cards. There are going to be 160 standard cards (likely common and uncommon) available and 162 cards that could be considered rare.

All cards have an element and a type. They can be affiliated with darkness, earth, fire, ice, light, thunder, water or wind. The element will have an effect on a card’s abilities or tendencies. In addition, the cards type determines how it is played in the game. Forwards attack and defend against attacks, Backups provide crystal points for Forward’s abilities and have support abilities and Summons allow you to unleash one attack or ability once.

So far, there are three games that will definitely include rare FFTCG cards. The Japanese version of The 3rd Birthday came with an Aya Brea card. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix is going to come with a Kingdom Hearts Cloud card. Dissidia 012 Duodecim is also going to come with a card, but the character gracing it hasn’t been revealed yet.

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