Japan Import: Tomodachi Collection 3DS lets you make new virtual friends next year

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Japan Import: Tomodachi Collection 3DS lets you make new virtual friends next year

Let the 3DS region-lock anguish begin. Let me explain. There was an incredibly awesome DS game released during that handheld’s lifespan called Tomodachi Collection. I suppose you could think of it as being similar to The Sims, only with Miis. They had their own little language. You could import friends Miis to the system via the Wii. It was adorable. We never got it, but could import it thanks to it being region-free. The same thing won’t happen with the just announced Tomodachi Collection 3DS when it’s released in Japan early in 2013.

Tomodachi Collection 3DS was one of the new games announced during the Nintendo Direct conference held in Japan. It will basically be a bigger and better version of the original game. You can still import your and your friends’ Miis or create your own, if you’d prefer. You manage their daily lives and even kinda converse with them. The sequel will also allow players to take their Miis out of the barrack-like appartments in which they live so they can go on adventures in surrounding locations.

The original Tomodachi Collection was never localized. Possibly because it came out late in the DS life cycle and would have been quite a bit of trouble to translate. Since it was region-free, that didn’t matter because we could just import a copy, find a guide online if we couldn’t speak Japanese and enjoy. Thanks to region-lock, we can’t do that with the 3DS version of Tomodachi Collection next year. We’ll just have to hope Nintendo decides this quirky life sim is deserving of a larger audience.

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