Japan Import: Yakuza: Of the End goes from March release to TBA

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Japan Import: Yakuza: Of the End goes from March release to TBA

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Yakuza Of the End PS3

If you pre-ordered Yakuza Of the End, then prepare to wait. Your game won’t be released March 17, 2011. In light of everything that has happened in the past week in Japan, from the earthquake, to the tsunami and nuclear emergency, Sega has decided to delay the PS3 game. So no hunting down zombies with Kazuma Kiryu, Shun Akiyama, Goro Majima and Ryuji Goda for now. You’ll have to content yourself with the demo that’s available on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

Yakuza Of the End now has a TBA release date. So we’ll have to wait for word from Sega to find out when the zombie slaying game, with ping pong and other assorted Yakuza staples, will actually be released. Perhaps we’ll hear more about it in a few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe it manages to receive a winter 2011 release.

It’s understandable why Sega would order such a delay. Yakuza Of the End paints a very dark picture of the virtual city of Kamurocho after the zombie outbreak. Most of the screenshots have shown dilapidated buildings, fires and ominous skies. That, and the game’s main theme is destruction. Releasing something like this now could bring up a lot of bad memories for Japanese citizens. Also, I’m sure video games are the last thing on people’s minds right now.

Sega didn’t come right out and say that Yakuza Of the End was delayed because of the 2011 Sendai earthquake, citing various circumstances instead, but it’s obvious that’s the reason. It’s okay, we absolutely understand and are more than willing to wait.

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