Japanese Import: My Wife the wife simulator for Xbox 360

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Japanese Import: My Wife the wife simulator for Xbox 360

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my wife a wife just for you screen shot sleep together

I love the “land of the rising sun” but even I have to admit that Japan has put out some crazy stuff lately (including those Love Pillows that are printed to look like full-size anime-style girls).  My Wife: A Wife Just for You (Ore no Yome: Anata Dake no Hanayome) by Idea Factory is yet another way young men can avoid actually interacting with the ladies.

In this dating simulator for the Xbox 360, the user meets his ideal girl in high school. Combine this with the new, $7000 state-of-the-art, life-size, life-like silicone Real Doll girlfriend (please note that this link has adult content) and guys will never have to date again. Good thing too, since you can’t design your future mate like in the simulator. 

The user picks his “wife’s” personality and physical characteristics. He names her, picks her voice and even her birthday. 

Here’s where it gets a little weird. The guy can choose from “childhood friend” (who helps with housework and cooking), “little sister” (who is energetic and childish) and “older sister” (who is warm and charming) types.

my wife a wife just for you screen shot high school

I don’t know many guys that would want to marry a girl modeled after his sister.  The “little sister” even calls you “big brother.”  Creepy.  The “big sister” might check if you’ve been cleaning yourself.  Weird. 

Once “married,” the user and his “wife” can enter Dinner Mode or Sleep Together mode.  Now don’t get excited, though. As far as I can tell, it’s just the girl in a bed.

Who actually thinks that sleeping next to a TV or monitor with a created girl on it will get him any closer to physically sleeping next to a real girl?

My Wife comes out August 26, 2010, in Japan for 7329 Japanese Yen (about $80) for the Xbox 360.  There is very little information in English at this point,but keep your eyes peeled for a review August 2010. 

But, honestly, don’t buy a wife simulator. Guys, just get out there and date.  Or get a Love Pillow or Real Doll to hold and pretend it’s your pretend wife. No woman will ever measure up to the one you create with My Wife.

Site [Ore no Yome: Anata Dake no Hanayome (Japanese)]

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