Japanese Imports: Big fat list of J-List updates for July 2009

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kousaka bishouju hentai sexy figure statueIt’s been way too long since I posted an update of the game-related and generally interesting items being offered at Japanese import site J-List and under-18 site J-Box.

To help bring everyone back up to speed, here’s a big bullet-point list of notable items currently offered on the site. Most are DS and PSP games as well as many figures based on various Japanese dating-sim games, so expect some professionally sculpted skin when you click through

kirarin revolution box art

  • Legend of Zelda Hour Glass of Phantom Soundrop - Now when someone says, “Is there something in your pocket or are your pants making noise at me?” You can simply say, “Yes.” This set of six key kchains features Legend of Zelda sound effects. One press and you get a second or two of sound. Simple yet effective.
  • Mao 1/7 PVC Figure – *purrrrr* This statue features Mao, the Ninja Quarterbeast from the PS2 role-playing game Shining Tears complete with ears.
  • Super Mario Brothers Coin Bank ~ Green 1up – More trippy mushroom goodness, this time to help you store your stash, er, coinage.
  • Aya Red Bikini version 1/7 Figure ~ Onei Chanbara vorteX by Alter - Yipieki-yahoo! The site says it all: “This little treasure created by Tamsoft, is the wildly popular “Oneechanbara” (Swordfighting Sisters), that was formerly released on the PS2 as part of the simple 2000 series, features a sexy bikini clad babe trying to hack her way out of a zombie infested locales using her katana (sword). So popular, the game has gone on to spawn five other sequels, all featuring the bikini baring babes using their swords to get them out of tight situations. This delicious figure features Aya, from Onechanbara Vortex complete with her trademark red floral patterned bikini with sword in hand and a sweet cowboy hat perched on top her head.” ($72)
  • Dragon Quest IX Nintendo DSi Pouch - This is a preorder item and will certainly be worth it for fans ($18).

  • Kureha Figure Sit Down – From Sega’s PS2 Shining Wind game, this figure shows Kureha laying on the floor exposing her ginormous, er, sleeves.
  • Tamaki Kousaka Seducing Figure - Another proeorder, this one is really just for adults. It’ comes from the ToHeart2 PS2 game that started as a PC visual novel and, as the site describes, it is a “full-on excitement generator.”
  • Hanyu Figure by Wave – Another preorder item, this one is based on a mystery PC and PS2 game series, When the Cicadas Cry. Very adorable ($80).
  • School Days Parody T-Shirt – “Nice Boat!” - If you are looking for something oscure, get this shirt. People will think you are either bragging, weird or into signage. It’s a parody from an actual event that took place on the last day of an anime based on a dating-sim game. ($17.95) So obscure, even those who get it might not even get it.

cosmode usa issue 1 vol 1 cover art

dissidia potions in a can
  • To Love-Ru Doki Doki! – Whoa! Super close bikini crotch shot box art, Batman! Another dating-sim PSP game based on an anime and manga. ($70)
  • Evangelion: Jo for PSP – To mix things up a bit, this dating-sim game has a bunch of combat in it, too. ($75)
  • Let’s Play in Japanese (Nihongo de Asobo) for DS – Time to learn some kanji using card games, DS style (or is that DS stylus style?). ($62)
  • Macross Ace Frontier for PSP – Now I know it’s been years since you’ve played a Macross game. This one takes you through the entire series. ($70)
  • Arcade Mania! – The Turbo-Charged World of Japan’s Game Centers - Holy crap, something to read! From the site: “Arcade Mania! takes you on a turbo-charged tour through a typical Japanese arcade, from the crazy crane games, sticker picture machines, and rhythm games that beckon from the entrance, then on to the fighting games, shooting games, retro games, games of chance, and card-based games you’ll find inside.” ($18.50)
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Potion Cosmos – I know, the name makes it sound so great, eh? A potion. And it’s grapefruit flavored! OK, so I love grapefruit but in a potion? Probably not eye-of-newt-y enough for my taste. ($5.50 per can)

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EDITOR’S NOTE: J-List feature items not suitable for gamers under the age of 18. As such, we provide links to J-Box, which is suitable for gamers of all ages.

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