Japanese McDonalds employees to learn their jobs with a DS

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Japanese McDonalds employees to learn their jobs with a DS

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McDonalds Monogatari Game Boy Color GBCJapanese McDonalds restaurants are hoping to start training their employees in a more high-tech manner. Well, if you consider using a DS to train people high-tech. Yup, if you’re in Japan and you want to work at a McDonalds, playing on a DS is going to be part of your training sessions.

Nikkei reported the news that eSmart, McDonalds Japan’s DS training program, is currently in development. Once finished, each Japanese McDonalds store will have two DS units with eSmart in them to train part-time employees. The whole affair will cost about ¥200 million, around $2.2 million.

There’s no news on how the eSmart program will work or function. I know it’s silly, but I hope it works a bit like McDonalds Monogatari. See, there was this old, Japanese, Game Boy Color game called McDonalds Monogatari which was essentially a McDonalds simulation. You’d get to be an employee and make the food, serve customers and such. Wouldn’t it be awesome if eSmart was like that? Oh, who am I kidding. It’ll probably be a text-based, educational program.

Read [Nikkei (Japanese)] Via [Andriasang] Also Read [Kotaku]

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