Japanese PSN store gets Final Fantasy VII

August 10, 2009 - 4:28 pm No Comments

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Final Fantasy VII PSN

Squaresoft’s (now Square-Enix) Final Fantasy VII is finally available on the PlayStation Network Store, if you’re in Japan, that is.

Final Fantasy VII International is available on the service for 1,500 yen (approximately US$14.93) which completely beats the prices people charge on eBay. The international version is a remake of the original Japanese one that includes tweaks (according to Gamesutra, the tweaks were included in the materia system, the menu display, and an extra cutscene) that were included in the game when it was brought over to North American shores back in 1997.

As Kotaku points out, if you have the fortune of being able to understand Japanese, then purchasing this version will also let you play the game on your PlayStation Portable.

The release comes just one week before the release of Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete releases in Japan. Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete is the director’s cut of the CGi film, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, which unfolds the events that happened two years after FFVII.

There is no word whether or not Square-Enix and Sony will release this game in the other PSN stores, but seeing as how Japan is playing Metal Gear Solid and we still aren’t, I don’t see chances being good, but hope is hope people.

Read [Gamasutra] Also [Kotaku]

Photo courtesy of Kotaku

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