JTT 3DS battery may be worth importing

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JTT 3DS battery may be worth importing

There’s one consistent problem that plagues 3DS owners. No, it isn’t lack of worthwhile games, as that was remedied in the second half of 2011. It’s the battery life. If you’re still playing with the stock battery, you’re probably feeling lucky if you’re able to play for four hours without recharging. It’s disgraceful. Thankfully, third party peripheral developers have stepped up to help, and Japan Trust Technology’s latest battery is the best of the bunch, and has a crazy price tag to prove it.

The JTT 3DS battery is pretty much just referred to as a large capacity internal battery, extended life battery or even just big battery. All three monikers don’t do it justice. After you’ve unscrewed the button battery cover and removed the stock battery, the JTT battery does more for you than the original ever could. It’s a 5,800mAh battery that’s almost four and a half times more powerful than the existing 3DS battery.

That’s a very good thing, trust me. JTT’s guarantee is that it’s 3DS battery will boost the battery life up to at least 10 hours. So it’ll be about on par with the original DS lite battery life.

Now, while the JTT 3DS big battery will make your 3DS 9mm thicker, the company still wants to keep it fashionable. There are two packs to choose from and each comes with battery colors that match the stock 3DS colors. Just be aware that these batteries are quite expensive, so you’re paying for that extra power and fashion statement. The ¥9,480 (~$122) set comes with black and blue covers and the ¥9,980 ($129) set comes with pink, red and white covers.

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