Latest Persona 3 Portable details revealed at AtlusNet

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Latest Persona 3 Portable details revealed at AtlusNet

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Persona 3 Portable box art updated recently with many new details about Persona 3 Portable, the PSP port/remake of Persona 3, which came out November 1, 2009. The most obvious and talked about addition is the ability to play as a heroine rather than the hero Minato from Persona 3. You can switch off playing as the hero and heroine in each playthrough, but still retain all of your character levels and items. The heroine also isn’t just a carbon copy of the hero, as her arcana card is revealed to be XXII (The World), but she still retains his ability to use almost every kind of weapon.

The other details in the news update offer a few new hints about the Persona 3 Portable Social Links. For example, there’s no need to worry if you’re not spending enough time around your Social Link friends. Even if you ignore them for a long time, the Social Link will not decay. If you make the wrong choices during events though, they still will. The update also confirms that Akihiko, Theodore and Shinji are Social Links for the heroine and it sounds like the dating feature is intact. Other new Social Links include Saori Hasegawa replacing Maya as “The Hermit” link and Rio Iwasaki replacing Kazushi Miyamoto as “The Chariot” link. Another notable detail is Rio is friends with Kenji Tomochika, the Magician Social Link for the male character. It is still unknown if Kenji will remain the Magician Social Link for the female character, or if Junpei will replace him.

There was also information released about the UMD and download releases. It looks like there’s a bit of a price difference, as according to the article the UMD version is ¥6,276 (~$69.73) and the download version is ¥5,040 (~$56). Both versions of the game will also have a 255mb Data Installation option. However, this option is only recommended to Persona 3 Portable UMD owners to make the game run faster.

Still no North American release announcement yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear something from Atlus soon. After all, we’ve seen localizations of pretty much every Persona game so far.

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